OH! The Simple Things in Life.

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We often talk about how technology is a double edged sword. The advancements and innovations have thrown our world to be more connected than we could have imagined in the early 1990s, let alone the early 1900s. There are, of course, the ever increasing security threats and vulnerabilities that come with that change.

In this blog post – we will ponder about the simple things in life that technology has changed for the better by asking these simple questions.

  • Do you work long math equations in your head? (Or do you pull up the calculator on your phone?)
  • Do you call a family member or friend to find out where they are? (There’s an App for that.)
  • Do you use the Yellow Pages book anymore? (Or do you just use Google?)
  • When was the last time you memorized a phone number? (Or do you just have people text you and you save their number in your phone?)
  • Does your watch have hands or digital numbers? Do you even wear a watch? (Or do you use your phone?)
  • When was the last time you used a phone booth? (And by phone booth – I do not mean the Tardis.)
  • Do you keep up a sweet CD or record collection? (Or do you use YouTube? Or do you download the album? Or do you use Pandora/Spotify/Sound Cloud?)
  • Do you make mix tapes? (Or do you just create Spotify Playlists and share them with friends?)
  • When was the last time you called the theater to get movie times? (Fandango FTW!)
  • When was the last time you broke out a dictionary? (Unless you are playing Scrabble with the Commander.)
  • When was the last time you cut an article or picture out of a magazine? (Or do you just use Pinterest?)

When you get down to it, technology has allowed us to streamline and simplify a number of things. Take time to soak it up!

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