Success Story: Why monitoring helps prevent downtime

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If the server is the hub of the business network, what do you do when technology fails? Do you have a plan? What happens if it stutters? And by stutter- I mean a server shutting down randomly.

We received an alert from one of our managed networks saying that the “Site has been down for 6 minutes”. One of our senior techs dug deeper into the issue and noticed that the server was a bit sluggish and was in need of updates. This work was done after hours to reduce any business interruptions. After the work was done, the server ran much better than before.

Managed Services allow us as the IT solutions provider to affect the overall business performance without bringing the entire network down. It reduces the potential for reactive support (aka downtime) and puts the emphasis on proactive maintenance of a network.

How would your business benefit from this type of support?

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