Productivity Hacks and Trends

From my desk, where I sit day in and day out, here are three perks of a modern workstation:

  1. Dual Monitors- I will never ever go back to a single monitor in the office. The perks of two monitors can’t be measured. Before, I used to layer my applications so I could click between different windows as I worked. Now, I can have one monitor dedicated to my references, the other dedicated to my Publisher document.
  2. It’s a beautiful world.

  3. Laptop Docking Station- Goodbye, computer tower tethered to the wall. Hello, mobile device that works just as well, if not better, than a traditional stationary desktop computer! I am constantly on the go and often work remotely in between appointments. This allows me to travel with my computer with the traditional set up in the office. (AKA the aforementioned dual monitors.)
  4. VOIP Phone System- Welcome to the new age. Voice over IP, or VOIP, phones are the new normal for small to medium sized businesses. The phone system is delivered digitally instead of a traditional telephone line. The coolest feature (for myself) is Find Me, Follow Me. If our Admin Assistant, Heidi, transfers a call to my office phone and I am out of the office, the office phone will ring 2x and then the call will be transferred to my cell phone.

In the future, I will add a standing desk, but until then, I will take my dual monitors.

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