Bi-Annual Computer Breakdown Day: Fall 2016 Recap

We have a confession: we hoard broken and old computers.

Each time we complete a network refresh, or anytime we replace an old workstation, server, or UPS for a client who doesn’t want to deal with disposing of the old equipment, we destroy the hard drives and keep those machines in a secure closet (affectionately called “The Graveyard”). The old devices pile higher and higher until our Bi-Annual Recycle Day.

Each Fall and Spring, a group of the IRIS team volunteer their time on a Saturday to clean house. We get together to break down those computers and servers. The parts are recycled and the funds raised by the recycled parts are used for a philanthropic cause chosen by the IRIS Solutions Team.

On November 5th, 2016, 13 of us got together to break down and recycle what amounted to $1,043 worth of metal. IRIS Solutions matched the raised amount and April, our Medical/Dental Account Manager and Recycle Day Spearhead, chose Florence Crittenton as the recipient of the funds.

After many shopping outings, April acquired 6 bedding sets with matching towels for the kids and over 30 bags of self-care consumables for the elderly (soap, paper towels, Kleenex, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc).

We are so thankful for our team and those who volunteered. Thank you to IRIS Solutions for matching!

We are looking forward to the Spring 2017 Recycle day!

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